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Lead Generation

Are you tired of chasing down leads that never convert? Is your sales team struggling to find high-quality prospects? Look no further! At Grow My Dhandha, we specialize in delivering targeted and qualified leads that drive real results for your business. With our proven strategies and cutting-edge techniques, we're here to help you to sell better. 

About Me

Shiwam Mahato

“I have dedicated my career to mastering the art of Marketing through practical implementation in the real world and now helping other businesses to do the same, having worked in different industries like High-Ticket B2B, Coaching, E-com, I have seen marketing being the make or break of any business”

Proactive Blocklist Tracking

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Faster Access to Inbox

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Managed Dedicated IPs

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Dynamic Suppression List

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Build Confidence with PIMI

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IP and Domain Monitoring

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Verify DNS Information

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Battle-Tested Infrastructure

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With flexible integration possibilities, develop your email operations.

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Bringing Quality In Quantity


Understand Your Requirements & Build Strategy

The first thing we do is sit with you to understand your Dhandha & work patterns. We begin by delving into your organization's goals, target audience, and market dynamics. This foundation helps us craft a bespoke lead generation strategy that aligns with your objectives.


Lead Sourcing & Data-Driven Research  

Our team employs a mix of innovative techniques to identify and source potential leads. This involves analyzing demographic data, online behavior, and industry trends to uncover hidden opportunities. We ensure that each lead meets the criteria set during the strategy development phase.

Engagement &
Lead Nurturing

Capturing leads is only the beginning, and we understand that not all leads are ready to buy immediately. That is why we employ proven lead nurturing techniques to guide prospects through the buyer's journey, delivering relevant content and interactions that encourage conversions.

Triggering Interest &
Lead Delivery

Once a lead meets your predefined criteria, we promptly deliver it to your sales team. Our delivery process is seamless and ensures you can take action while the prospect's interest is at its peak. This results in a higher likelihood of successful conversions and a more efficient use of your sales team's resources.

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FAQs Unraveled: Your Comprehensive Guide to Email API Solutions.

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An Email API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules and protocols that allows applications to communicate and interact with an email service. It enables developers to send, receive, and manage emails programmatically within their applications.

Security is a top priority for our Email API. We utilize robust encryption, secure authentication mechanisms, and implement industry-standard best practices to safeguard your email data and protect against potential threats.

Yes, our Email API is designed to seamlessly integrate with various email service providers. You can use it alongside your current email platform to enhance email capabilities and automation.

With our Email API, you can access various email-related data, including sent and received emails, email templates, campaign statistics, bounces, and more. The API provides valuable insights to optimize your email communications.

Absolutely! Our Email API is versatile and can be used for both transactional emails (order confirmations, password resets) and marketing campaigns (newsletters, promotional emails). It offers the flexibility to cater to various email needs.

Harness the Power of One Comprehensive Email API Service.

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Are you ready to transform your lead generation efforts and drive sustainable business growth?

Grow My Dhandha is your dedicated partner in achieving these goals. Let’s work together to unlock the potential of quality lead generation. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can elevate your organization’s success.